Loans for Artisans 2019: offers for subsidized loans with VAT and non-repayable items

All you need to know about loans for craftsmen . All the best financing offers provided for this particular category of customers and for those who have a VAT number . Lastly, non -repayable financing solutions offered thanks to European funds and regional incentives.

Loans for Artisans : what they are and why choose these loans

Loans for Artisans : what they are and why choose these loans

The world of loans is constantly evolving, with all lenders always ready to study ideal solutions for any need that may have its customers. In this case we take care of the financing for artisans , with the best offers planned for by the various institutions. But what are the loans for artisans? This is a form of financing for various aspects similar to classic personal loans but which for others represents a product designed specifically for this category of workers. First of all it is good to consider a fundamental aspect, which is that of the purpose of these loans. In this case, in fact, we can not speak of non-finalized loans as in the case of classic personal loans that can be requested by any client. Since these are products intended exclusively for craftsmen , the expenses that can be faced must be strictly connected to the work carried out by the beneficiary of the loan itself.

Therefore it is not always possible to access the loans for artisans, since the possibility or not of requesting these loans will depend on the project to be carried out . Among the expenses that can be faced by accessing loans for artisans there are obviously expenses for raw materials and for the purchase of machinery and everything related to the production of manufactured products of any kind. But not only that, because the artisans can request the loans also to support the expenses for the diffusion of their products and to widen their public. Therefore , marketing operations such as advertising or the creation of a website for the sale of online crafts and anything else can be financed.

Another fundamental aspect to consider is that of the required requisites . Also from this point of view a substantial difference emerges with respect to classical personal loans. In fact, in fact, those who do not have problems in applying for funding are employees and pensioners. In many cases, self-employed persons with a VAT number such as artisans do not have access to the desired loan. Thanks to the loans specifically designed for the artisans, therefore, there will be no problems in the request, at least from the point of view of the client’s occupation. Obviously, not everyone can access this form of financing , as is the case with any form of financing. In order to obtain the loan for the desired craftsmen, the client must present a valid income document, which will be the declaration of income . It is necessary to demonstrate that you have income that allows you to deal with the repayment installments agreed upon at the time of signing the loan agreement without too many problems. For this reason, only the artisans who have obtained in the last year of the appropriate earnings for the amount they are requesting will be able to access the sum of money requested.

The analysis of the customer ‘s income is carried out by the experts of the credit institution to which it is addressed or by the body offering the subsidized loan. Regarding the aspects that instead make the loan for artisans similar to the classic loan, there is first of all the fixed rate . At the time of request, the customer can choose the duration that he prefers among those provided for in the product regulations. Once the duration has been set, the monthly repayment installment that will have to be addressed by the customer is automatically defined. This will remain the same for the entire duration of the loan. Furthermore, as we have said, the request procedure is very similar, given that the customer with a VAT number will have to present a valid income document. As we will see better later, there are also subsidized loans that make loans for artisans even more advantageous, such as non-repayable loans , of which only part of the total amount received on loan will have to be repaid.

Facilitated loans for artisans with VAT number: who to contact

If you are looking for a loan for artisans, there are several solutions that will allow you to get the amount of money you need to carry out your projects. In particular, we recommend a credit institution created especially for you, to which we therefore advise you to contact us at least to receive information about the offers planned for. Something to be added regarding the numerous initiatives and financing offers planned for . Let’s analyze the main loan options for artisans, among which you will be able to identify the solution that is right for you.

A very interesting loan offer is the one designed specifically for the artisans who intend to take part in the trade fair . For many, this event is an excellent opportunity to be known by the public and increase sales. In many cases, however, participating in a fair of this type provides significant initial costs for the creation of their original products to be sold at the fair itself. For this reason it can be very useful to access a loan, even better if at particularly advantageous economic conditions . As pointed out on the website, the loan for is a ” simple and fast ” loan. The delivery speed is a fundamental feature for a loan, since we often need the desired amount quickly. As regards the simplicity of request, this depends above all on the ease with which the request can be made. The ease of request derives from the fact that there is the possibility of using the guarantee provided . In this way the required requirements will be less restrictive and therefore there will certainly be less difficulty in obtaining the desired amount.

Among the financing options offered by there are also financial products aimed at particular categories of customers. Again with regard to crafts, in fact, the company offers subsidized loans for the creation of new startups . The ” Start up ” loan aims to help the client to set up his own business and start his own business. The customer will receive support not only from an economic point of view, given that the company provides expert consultants in the field who will advise you for any need. One of the characteristics that make this product particularly attractive is that it is a loan tailored to each customer . In fact, the latter will be able to personalize his loan as much as possible, choosing the repayment plan he prefers and taking advantage of personalized facilities based on the activity he intends to start and other features.

A category of client who can access important discounts is that of female entrepreneurs. Among the offers provided by for there is in fact the ” Female Entrepreneurship ” loan. This form of financing can be customized by choosing between a fixed or variable rate based on your preferences. The general characteristics are very similar to those of the loan for starting a business, but provides additional benefits . First of all, a cheaper economic arrangement is envisaged for companies constituted by women. In addition, the “Female Entrepreneurship” loan is very flexible from the point of view of the repayment plan. As reported on the company’s website, in fact, it is possible to suspend the payment of the installments in case of maternity leave . So this is an important help for women entrepreneurs working in the agricultural sector. Finally, from an economic point of view it is good to consider the possible subsidies provided in your region. In this way it is possible to set personalized and decidedly convenient rates of interest.

Loans for Lost Funds for Craftsmen: how they can be requested and characteristics

Loans for artisans, as we have seen, are loans that in some respects are similar to “classic” loans but which provide specific facilities for those working in the craft sector. These facilitations often depend also on the Region of origin of the beneficiary of the loan, given that each year the calls are made to the artisans who intend to start an entrepreneurial activity. How do loans for non – repayed artisans work ? As we have already mentioned above, non-repayable loans are undoubtedly the most convenient loans in absolute terms. It is in fact the only form of loan that provides for an amount to be repaid less than the sum of money that has been paid to us . At the time of disbursement a percentage of the paid capital is defined as non-repayable, which can usually reach up to 50% of the total . This sum of money must not be reimbursed by the client, who will therefore have a considerable net saving.

Why should a credit institution give a sum of money to a client? Obviously, the non- repayable loan is not part of the products that can be requested from a normal bank . In fact, these are special concessions that are offered thanks to funds allocated by the European Union and the Italian State . In particular, these loans are managed by the various Regions according to the needs of their territory. So if you want to apply for this type of funding for artisans you must first visit the website of your region, or that of Invitalia in which you will find information about loans for lost funds addressed to all those working in the craft sector.

Tenders are published from time to time for the assignment of loans to non-repayed artisans . In order to participate in the calls for tenders in you will therefore have to carefully read the regulations in which you will find all the information regarding the requisites required to be able to participate in the same call and at the same time the list of eligible expenses . Loans for artisans may in fact be required only for certain purposes, which is why at the time of application a detailed business plan will be required. Once the request has been submitted electronically , in the case in which all the access requirements are respected, the applicant will be able to access the next phase of the selection which provides for an interview. In this case it is good to demonstrate that you have excellent knowledge and skills in the field to obtain the desired financing. In fact, it is good to remember that due to the great convenience of non-repayable loans every year the demand is very high . For this reason only the most deserving can receive the best loan for artisans.



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