What is needed to obtain a non-bank loan?

If you used to take a bank loan, you know more or less what the formalities involved in taking out a loan look like and what documents are most often needed to obtain it. However, when the moment comes that the bank for some reason does not want to give us credit, we are looking for another way to get cash. Most of us in this situation, choose a loan in non-bank companies. How to prepare for it and what exactly will you need to get it? About this in today’s article.

All formalities related to the loan depend on the company in which we apply for a loan. Some of them will be satisfied with the data from the ID card and others will additionally ask for a certificate of income. The subject of the borrower’s age looks similar – some companies will give us loans if we are 18 and some age limits are set a little higher and it can be 20.21 or even 25 years.

What do we need to obtain a non-bank loan?

Loans for 18 years – to this section I try to keep up to date topics related to the possibility of obtaining a loan by people who are just 18 years of age and have an ID card with them. Most of them include companies that have been setting the age limit for 18 years under the terms of the loan. The most known loan companies that provide loans to people from this age are Provident, Wonga or Hapi Loans.

Personal ID loan – as I mentioned earlier, most loan companies grant loans as an ID card, not requiring any additional documents from the borrower. It is particularly popular among loan companies that provide loans entirely via the Internet, for example Zaimo or Zaplo. Income statements are rarely required, and if such a requirement happens, it will be in the form of an electronic bank account statement from the last few months, which we can download ourselves by logging in to our bank account via the Internet.

What income should we have to get a non-bank loan? Loan companies do not have as much requirements as banks, in which even having the lowest domestic one, we may have a problem obtaining the loan they need. In loan companies, we will get extra cash even if we are a half-time employee or if we have income from a pension or annuity.

Verification fee – another item that is very often used for non-bank loans, especially those granted online. It involves transferring a certain amount from your bank account in order to verify the data of the person applying for the loan. This is not unusual because even banks use this method of verification when granting loans or opening personal accounts. The verification fee, however, is not a big expense because the most often required amount of a transfer from a personal account is 1 PLN, and in some cases PLN 1. There are, however, offers within which we can get a loan without a verification transfer . Instead, a special application is used to automatically log in to the borrower’s account and such a verification method is available in such companies as Wonga or Kredito24.

Without checking in databases – a very common reason for not granting a bank loan is not the best credit history of the person applying for a loan. Such information may be found in the Credit Information Bureau database, which is checked by the bank every time we apply for a loan. Negative opinion in about us, may be in the situation if previously borrowed, we paid off not on time.

This is basically the most important information about the formalities related to obtaining a non-bank loan. To sum up – the most important things to obtain it are an ID card, 18 years old, an active bank account and, of course, access to a telephone, computer and internet.

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