When you need to apply for a loan, you need to carefully choose the type of loan that best suits your needs. The choice must be evaluated mainly based on the purpose of use of the loan and the amount of installments to be paid.

OneLoan bank provides various channels to evaluate the various types of loans offered to customers and to choose the most suitable one. To learn about the products offered by OneLoan, you can go to a branch, or do a preventive search on the bank’s web channels.

By accessing the bank’s website, you can find the loan types proposed by OneLoan and, by clicking on the ” Find your loan ” item in the top bar, you access an interactive area where, by selecting the purpose of the loan, you are addressed to the most suitable type of product, with the relative form on the conditions envisaged by the loan in question.

OneLoan divides the offer of its loans into three categories:

  • Loans for everyday needs
  • Other loans
  • Home Loans

Let’s see in detail what are the proposals for each category.



This category includes all those small loans (maximum 50,000 euros) that are needed to meet the daily needs, more or less ordinary. We find in this category, for example, the FastCrediteri, the type of loan most proposed to small current account holders, especially the youngest. It is a small loan, from a minimum of 3,000 to a maximum of 30,000 euros, with a duration of 36 to 84 months, which may be required for the realization of modest projects, such as a journey or the purchase of a ‘car. This type of loan includes a 10.40% Tan and a Taeg variable according to the number of installments. The FastCrediteri also provides the opportunity to take advantage of three interesting options:

  • Installment Jump, which allows you to skip an installment for each calendar year, which will be recovered at the end of the amortization schedule;
  • the Installment Change, which allows the amount of the installment to be changed at any time, and therefore the repayment plan;
  • the Loan Reload, which allows new liquidity to be obtained up to the amount of the initial loan, for a maximum of 3 times over the life of the loan.

Another type of loan for the needs of every day proposed by OneLoan is the Smart Voucher. This is a new type of loan, which consists of a voucher, the value of which can range from 200 to 30,000 euros, which can be used in a single solution or for a maximum of ten goods or services that can be purchased at participating points of sale. On the OneLoan web page you can view the affiliated subjects that accept this voucher, which are mainly clothing stores, ateliers for bridal gowns, children’s shops and more. The repayment plan can range from 12 to 84 months and, if the voucher is used for an amount lower than the agreed amount, the loan will be re-adjusted to the amount actually used.

With OneLoan, if you are current account holders for more than six months, you can request a small loan, from 1000 euros to a maximum of 5000 euros, directly from the Mobile Banking app. This product is called FastCrediteri Easy and allows, with a few simple steps with a smartphone, if the bank gives a positive result, to see the amount requested credited in real time. This type of financing has a fixed fixed rate of 6.90% and a variable TAEG depending on the repayment plan, which can be from 12 to 36 months.

FastCrediteri Compact, on the other hand, is the name of a type of loan proposed by OneLoan, which allows, in a range that goes from a loan of 3000 euros to 50,000 euros, to combine old loans, stipulated also with other banks and financial institutions, to have one monthly installment. With this product you can request an additional liquidity that will redefine the repayment plan, which varies from 36 to 120 months with the application of a fixed Tan of 10.40% and a maximum Taeg of 12.30%. It is also possible to request the activation of the life / damage policy Creditor Protection, which protects the ability to repay the loan in the event of unforeseen events, such as the loss of employment.

This loan category also includes the one based on the Cession of the Fifth. It is a product aimed at public and private employees and INPS pensioners, and allows you to get a loan that is repaid through the institution or company that pays the salary or pension.



OneLoan offers some types of loans to carry out small or large projects. One of these is the FastCrediteri Mini, a modest loan, from 1500 to 3000 euros, with a repayment plan of 12 to 36 months.

For larger amounts, however, there is FastCrediteri Top. This is a product that allows you to obtain liquidity from € 31,000 to € 75,000 for the realization of personal projects, without the obligation to provide real guarantees. The maximum repayment plan is 120 months, with a fixed Tan not mentioned on the site.
It is also possible to apply for a loan without undergoing property investigations, but by pledging an object of value. There are 35 OneLoan branches that deal with granting pawn loans throughout Italy. In this case the bank undertakes, with the relevant contract, to keep the pledged asset in adequately protected environments.

In this category you can also find two products designed specifically for education. The first is the FastCrediteri Master, a personal loan from 2000 to 15,000 euros which is used to pay university or professional masters, with a repayment plan up to 8 years and with the possibility of using a pre-amortization that would allow, for the first three years, to pay interest only.

The other product proposed by the bank is OneLoan. This is a real honorary loan for university studies for a maximum amount of 27,700 euros for the period of the course of study, aimed at students of EU or non-EU citizenship residing in Italy. At the end of the studies, the amount actually used, together with the accrued interest, will be transformed into a personal loan with a repayment plan from 12 to 180 months. Once the cycle of studies is completed, it is also possible to ask for a “grace period” of two years before starting to repay the loan, during which other interests will accrue. The institutions affiliated with this type of loan are the Alma Graduate School, the Polytechnic of Milan, the Johns Hopkins University, the Bocconi University of Milan, the University of Bologna and the Luiss University of Rome.



Finally, OneLoan bank offers three loan solutions for the purchase or renovation of the home. One of these is called Home Loan and it is not a mortgage, but a personal loan from 5000 to 100,000 euros to finance the purchase of a house or land. The repayment plan can range from 36 to 120 months at a rate that remains fixed for the duration of the loan.

To carry out some work at home, instead, there is the Personal Restructuring Loan, valid both for the first and for the second home. The amount disbursed is between 5,000 and 100,000 euros repayable from 3 to 10 years and for this type of loan tax benefits are provided and a subsidized TAN of 6.5%.

Finally, for energy redevelopment interventions, OneLoan proposes a special loan, with which it is possible to have between 5000 and 75,000 euros to install, for example, photovoltaic panels or eco-compatible building elements. This type of loan also provides for tax breaks and a fixed 6.5% tax.

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